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Sometimes I write stuff not about games.

Random musings, daily observations and other obsessions.

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Game Time Decision
So, we're approaching the 11th hour (month, but who's counting) and I feel like I've wasted most of the last year. If someone were to write a biography about it, that last year would all be summed up in a chapter called "The Lost Year".

At this time last year, the choices I had was to either stick around working on something I didn't want to work on (and more specifically, have no relevant skills or interest in) or quit and find another job. I figured that I had a full year of EI to burn, and in the worst case, I can decided then.

Then is now.

I don't know what to think anymore. I look at the people around me, and clearly people have moved on. The call of money and moving on with life is clearly growing stronger, and it's absolutely depressing to think that this will be a deciding factor.

Some have asked, why not go do something else on the side, and come back to games afterwards? I've briefly mentioned it before, but I'll clarify my feelings about that now:

There is no going back. If I choose to leave game design now, there will be no going back. If I take any other programming job out of games, I won't bother using whatever free time to work on games, I know myself better than that, and the pay will far outpace it to the point that I'd never look back.

So there's that, the new binary choice of my next decision:

wait till core game design job comes around (or start my own)


get out of games

I don't expect anyone else to have an answer for me, that's ok. I felt like I needed to write this out somewhere.