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It's done (sort of), so what's next?

Well, I managed to finally submit the game I've been working on. Feels good, sort of.

Let's sum up a few things, in case you weren't keeping track (who is?) :P

Officially, I started coding this project around middle of July. I don't recall the exact day anymore, but this puts the project at roughly 7-8 months (there was a serious amount of slack around the time Gears 3 launched, among other things.

Is 8 months too long for a project? There's been all sorts of mishaps along the way, like learning to program in objective C, learning cocos2d, upgrading cocos2d, a hard drive crash, etc. I also managed to make a few other additional boneheaded decisions, like supporting iPad + iPhone at the same time, supporting GameCenter, and other additional complications. And of course, I had the issue of being a one man wreaking crew (by choice, for a reason I'd explain later), and you end up with designer art (which is better than programmer art), designer code (which is worse than programmer code), and music that can only be described as "beeps and boops". Knowing what I know now, I can probably redo everything under 3 months.

Now, all that's left is a)the release, and b)all the write-ups that accompany the release. In a way, it's not a game I think I should advertise, not in the traditional way, for a few reasons:

1) It's a free game, so yeah, not a big deal.
2) It's not a feel good game. So it's not something that your typical iOS audience would care for
3) It needs context and closure: sure, the mechanics are in place, but what it is right now is something that tells a story.
4) It's essentially in beta form, 12 stages, completable in 20 minutes, assuming you know what you're doing. It's far short of what I would have wanted it to be.

More importantly, I don't know what's next. Working on this app/game was a way for me to a)brush up on some sort of coding, b)work on a game of sorts and c)bide some time till I figure out what to do as employment. It's been a year, and I really don't know what to think anymore about working as a game designer at a professional level. Is it viable for me, from a financial standpoint, or should I cut my losses and run at this point? I'm not sure anymore.

Sorry to end on a downer point (hmmm…sounds familiar), but yeah. I guess I'll do another update as things gets closer to a release date for the game.
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