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Sometimes I write stuff not about games.

Random musings, daily observations and other obsessions.

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Career advise needed
So now that I'm actively looking for a job in any computing fields now, I'm stuck with a pretty big problem: what do I even qualify for? If you were to distill my actual skill set listing (along with years and time they were used, and how)

- Objective C (2011 - now) (2 Years) (self taught, published a mix of native games/apps on iOS)
- C++ (2007-2009) (2 Years) (mid-high level code implementation on game development)
- Java (2006) (1 Year) (application development for co-op work term)
- PHP/MySQL (2006-2007) (~2 Years) (personal website, custom CMS development)

Now mind you, this is a breakdown purely from a programming technical standpoint, and not actually the work history (which doesn't have that odd gap between 2009-11). But yeah, this is a scattershot of mix of technologies that doesn't really help me at all does it? I'm honestly struggling to look for job postings that aren't asking for 3+ years in some specific area that I can't exactly match, and every time I load up a page, all I see is disappointment of "well shit, can't do that". I can tell people all I want that I can pick up languages and technologies quickly (and learn it on my own), but that's not what companies seems to want to hear anyways.

Is it time for me to scale my expectation down? Is it too late for me to rebrand myself into something like Junior Programmer? I'm at a lost at this point. I don't know how or what kind of jobs I'm even looking for anymore, and these job categorization labels on sites like monster or workopolis almost always doesn't fit the bill.

Any suggestions or help, will be appreciated.